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Picture is taken summer 2011

We are a  family living in the middle of Denmark. We want to breed healthy, gorgeous American Akitas with excellent temperament. Yaya is our first Akita, but we do also own a samoyed Bootie, who is not able for breeding. She's our pet, and easier to tolerate for the children. Please take a look at her page at the left.
 Julie is educated as veterinary nurse. I have finished the breeder-education from the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) which is decided by law in Denmark. I also have the "education" of laws and rules by selling a puppy. It's a safety for the new puppyowner, that the breeder knows how to treat, behave etc with all that implies to be an entrusted breeder. 
Our dogs live as a member of the family. They stay with us as much as they can. 
We have 3 children aged 0, 4 and 7 years. Furthermore we have 4 cats living in and outside with the dogs. To us it's not a problem to mix these parts. They are all happy with each other, and it shows the versatility of the American Akita.
Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about us, our dogs or what you just think of!
We have a future handler in our home :) Take alook of this guy who is growing with all the experiences he gets from shows. He can handle different types of dogs: Siberian Husky, American Akita, Korea Jindo Dog, Finnish Lappdog, Old Danish Pointer etc. 



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